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To Contact the Officials of FORBS...

 This page is for the contact information of the officials of The Fraternal Order of Real bearded Santas if you have any questions about our organization please feel free to contact us by email. Please remember that we are all volunteers with personal lives and daily tasks. The use of e-mail allows you to explain your problem or question in detail, and will allow us to respond with the answers to your questions in a timely a manner. Thank you. Contact
FORBS President 
 Bob Callahan
Santa Bob Callahan


FORBS Vice President 
  Ric Erwin


FORBS Secretary 
  Diva (Victoria) Erwin

Santa Ric & Vic (Diva) Erwin
FORBS Chairman
  Ric Erwin
FORBS Recording Secretary 
Dotti Ruhnke
Cookie Ruhnke
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