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      “…while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads...”


Christmas is probably the most Magical time of the year, you can almost feel the “Magic” in the air. At Christmastime, children of all ages dream about what presents they would like to receive and Santa Claus. As adults, we know the true meaning of Christmas, but to children Santa is the personification of the Spirit of Christmas, and most of us have a strong desire to keep the “Magic” alive for our children. What better way to do this, than having them to visit with “Santa” and tell him what they desire? I have had the good fortune of sharing this “Magic” with children from infant-to-ninety; nobody is too old to sit on “Santa’s” lap!


           I have always had a special place in my heart for children; I truly believe that they are God’s most precious gift! My wife and I have been blessed to be the parents of three wonderful children and the grandparents of nine. In the course of everyday life, I meet many children who see me and whisper to their parents “there is Santa Claus”. It only takes a few moments to affirm to them that “yes indeed, I am “Santa” and what is your name?” “I am watching for good little boys and girls, have you been good today?” Never have I missed taking the time to speak with them whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.


           Most parents take their children to the nearby mall to stand in long lines, endure large crowds of “last minute” shoppers, and the impossibility of finding that elusive parking space. After a long wait, your child may get one or two minutes with “Santa” and a quick photograph. Now you can have a professional “Santa” come to your house, your place of business or your company Christmas parties.


I have had the wonderful pleasure of visiting children in their homes to distribute presents, read stories or just to take some time to converse with them. “Santa” how do you get in my house, we don’t have a chimney? “Santa” where do you keep your reindeer? “Santa” how do you get your reindeer to fly?


           Children will never cease to amaze me. My most cherished memory was of a six-year-old girl that asked me to help her older brother get well. He was in the hospital fighting with a fatal disease. That was all she wanted, how unselfish! In helping to keep the “Magic” alive for them, it brings back the “Magic” of my own childhood and I get to relive those memories all over again!


           Christmas really is

“... the most wonderful time of the year”.