the fraternal order of  
real bearded santas

A 501(c) Devoted To The Professional Claus


FORBS Is Proud To Host The Christmas Community's Most Prestigious Annual Event

The professional "Real-Bearded Santa World" can trace its roots back to September of 1994, when ten professional actors met while filming a commercial for German catalog giant OTTO Versandt, to promote their Fall catalogue (the one with supermodel Cindy Crawford on the cover).

The shoot lasted 12 hours, and these Jolly Jents had so much fun that they agreed to get together at Clearmann's North Woods Inn after the upcoming Christmas Season, where they would regale one another with Tales From The Chair.  That lunch  was so successful, they all agreed to get together again the next year.  This time several of them invited a fellow Santa, and soon their "Luncheon" was in the national media-- that's when things started to snowball!

(Get it: "Snowball"? Sometimes I sleigh myself!)

That was nearly three decades ago, and over those many years our Santa Reunion has grown to fill the final weekend of each January! 

FORBS had hoped to once again welcome the entire Christmas Community to help us celebrate our Reunion's 27th Anniversary!!


2019 Was Our Silver Jubilee